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Jumanji Font

About Jumanji Font

Jumanji is a fantasy adventure film directed by Joe Johnston. This film which was released on December 15, 1995, was the first installment of the Jumanji franchise. The screenplay is written by Van Allsburg, Greg Taylor, Jonathan Hensleigh, and Jim Strain. the film stars Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst, Bradley Pierce, Jonathan Hyde, Bebe Neuwirth, and David Alan Grier.

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Jumanji Font
Jumanji Font

Fonts have always played a vital role in design and communication, and the Jumanji font is no exception! It is a font style that has gained immense popularity among design enthusiasts, gamers, and movie fans alike. As you may already know, it is a typeface inspired by the hit 1995 movie ‘Jumanji.’ The movie series has since become a cult classic, and its font style, too, has garnered its fair share of attention over the years.

Whether you intend to create captivating movie posters or enthralling gaming websites, the Jumanji font is an excellent choice. In this article, we’ll explore everything that you need to know about this font, from its history and design aesthetics to the type of projects it suits best.

History of Jumanji Font

The Jumanji font was designed by Juan-Elias Riesco during his studies at the School of Visual Arts in New York City back in 2003. He intended to create a typeface with a mysterious and adventurous vibe, much like the movie’s plotline. The design traces back to the movie posters’ typography, where the letters ‘J’ and ‘M’ were the most prominent. Riesco worked on the rest of the letters to blend well with the style of the already existing letters.

Design Aesthetics

Jumanji font is inspired by the African tribal art of Congo and Zaire. The font has rough edges, giving it an old and carved-wood feel that matches the mystical ambiance of the movie. The bold and uppercase characters are the primary features of this font, and the detailed snappy lines give it an ancient and adventurous vibe. The font’s characters are compressed, which makes it legible, easy to read, and adds to its mysterious appeal.

Projects to use the Jumanji font

The Jumanji font is a versatile typeface that brings out the adventurous spirit of any project. It’s an excellent choice for designers to work on movie posters, book covers, video game titles, and outdoor signage. You can also use it as a display font in headlines, banners, and social media graphics. But make sure you use it sparingly to avoid overloading the viewers’ eyes.

Where to get Jumanji font

Now that you understand how unique and versatile the Jumanji font is, you may be itching to get your hands on it. The good news is, the font is available for download on many font websites. Some are free, and others may cost you a few dollars, depending on the usage terms. Therefore, always ensure that you check the font’s licensing conditions before use.

This font is free for personal use, Click here for commercial use.

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