Kelsi Font

Kelsi Font

About Kelsi Font

Kelsi Font is a sans-serif typeface that was designed with versatility in mind. It can be used for a wide range of applications, from body text to headlines. The clean, modern lines of Kelsi make it a great choice for both digital and print design projects.

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Kelsi Font
Kelsi Font

Kelsi Font is available in two weights, regular and bold. It also includes a set of alternate characters for added variety. Kelsi is well-suited for use in both display and text settings. In display settings, it works well for headlines and short blocks of text. In text settings, it’s an excellent choice for body copy and longer passages of text.

Kelsi has been designed with web browsers in mind. It includes all the features necessary for excellent on-screen legibility, such as high x-heights and large counters. Kelsi Font is also proportional, meaning that letters take up approximately the same amount of horizontal space regardless of their width. This helps to improve readability in web browsers and other digital contexts.

This is a hand-drawn font with big groovy letters! This free product features both filled & outlined versions. This font is perfect for creating retro shirt designs, stickers, phone cases, doormats, Instagram quotes, branding, logos, and more! Thanks again Misha for making this available to everyone!

Thanks, Misha Vlasov for creating such a great font! Kelsi Font is free for personal & commercial use.

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