Yellowtail Font

Yellowtail Font

About Yellowtail Font

Yellowtail is an old-school-flavored flat brush script typeface of medium weight. Its mix of connecting and non-connecting letterforms lends to its unique look and legibility. Yellowtail nods to classic 1930s typestyles like Gillies Gothic & Kaufmann, yet has the loose visual cadence of sign painter scripts.

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Yellowtail Font
Yellowtail Font
Yellowtail Font

Fonts play a significant role in the world of design, as they can completely change the message and tone of a design. From clean and modern to bold and dramatic, every font has its unique character that can enhance the design. One such font that has become a popular choice among designers nowadays is the Yellowtail Font.

Characteristics of Yellowtail Font

Yellowtail Font is a modern script font designed by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute. Its unique style features quirky and irregular letterforms with a handwritten appearance. The font has a playful and fun feel to it, with its varying stroke widths and angled terminals. Yellowtail Font has a unique personality that can bring a sense of energy and excitement to any design.

Where to Use Yellowtail Font

Yellowtail Font is a versatile font that can be used in various design projects. It is ideal for logos, branding, print and digital ads, book covers, wedding invitations, and much more. Yellowtail Font is perfect for creating designs with a laid-back and playful tone, and it can also be used to add a touch of elegance to any design.

How to Pair Yellowtail Font

Pairing Yellowtail Font with other fonts can be a little tricky, but when done right, it can bring a unique balance and harmony to your design. The key is to pair it with a simple and clean sans-serif or serif font. This will provide a contrast to Yellowtail Font’s playful style, and create a hierarchy in your design. A popular pairing for Yellowtail Font is with Montserrat, Open Sans, or Lato.

Tips for Designing with Yellowtail Font

When designing with Yellowtail Font, keep in mind its characteristics and tone. Yellowtail Font works best with designs that are casual, quirky, and fun. It can also work for designs that have a vintage or retro look. Yellowtail Font does not work for designs that require a formal or professional tone, as it may not convey the right message. Also, when using Yellowtail Font in your designs, make sure to use it sparingly and not overuse it.

Examples of Designs with Yellowtail Font

Yellowtail Font has been used in several design projects. From logos to book covers, creators have implemented this font to make their designs stand out. A popular example of a Yellowtail Font in use is for the logo of the company Nasty Gal. The font was used to add a playful and fun feel to their branding. Another example is the book cover of the novel “Everything, Everything” by Nicola Yoon. The font was used to give the book cover an informal and quirky look.

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