Moana Font

Moana Font

About Moana Font

The Moana Font was inspired by the Polynesian culture and was meant to evoke the feeling of hand-carved woodblocks. The letters are meant to be imperfect and have an organic feel to them. According to Disney, “The typeface needed to appear as though it could have been crafted by the characters themselves.”

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Moana Font
Moana Font

This isn’t the first time Disney has created a custom font for one of its films. Other examples include Zootopia and Frozen. However, the Moana font is unique in that it was created specifically for use in titles and marketing materials. It’s also one of the first times Disney has released a film-specific font commercially.

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What is Moana?

Disney’s animated movie Moana is being hailed as a ground-breaking film for its portrayal of a strong and capable princess. Moana is a much-needed change from the traditional damsel in distress that we’re used to seeing in Disney movies, and she provides a great role model for young girls everywhere. Here’s why Moana is the new Disney Princess we’ve been waiting for.

Unlike many of the other Disney Princesses who have come before her, Moana has a clear sense of purpose from the beginning of the movie. She knows that she’s meant to be more than just a daughter or chief-in-waiting; she has a special destiny to fulfill. This is something that she’s comfortable sharing with others, even if it means being ridiculed or misunderstood. sets out on her journey to find Maui, she does so with full confidence in herself and her abilities.

Throughout the course of the movie, Moana shows time and again that she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. When Maui abandons her on an island full of monsters, she doesn’t give up hope or wait around for him to come back and save her; she takes matters into her own hands and finds a way off the island on her own. And when Maui is injured and they are both in danger, it is Moana uses her quick thinking and resourcefulness to save them both. In Moana, we finally have a princess who doesn’t need rescuing; she rescues herself (and others) instead.

Moana isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in, even when it means going against Culture As chief in waiting, Moana is expected to uphold the traditions of her people. But when she learns that there is another way, a way that could save her people from certain destruction, she isn’t afraid to stand up to her father and explain why he should listen to her. This takes tremendous courage, especially since she knows that he could easily reject her out of hand because she is only a girl. But Moana persists because she knows that what she’s saying is important, and in the end, he does listen to her.

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