Super Kids Font

Super Kids Font

About Super Kids Font

Teaching your kids how to read can be a challenge, especially in today’s world. It doesn’t have to be though! There is an exciting new way that you can use to make learning how to read fun for your little ones. Introducing Super Kids Font! This revolutionary font makes it easy for children to learn their ABCs and get used to the look and feel of written language. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing font!

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Super Kids Font

What is Super Kids Font?

Super Kids Font is a specially designed font designed specifically for children ages 3-7 who are just learning how to read. The font was created by professional educators with the intention of making it easier for kids to recognize letters and words on a page. The font is based on the concept of “visual phonics” which helps kids associate shapes with sounds so they can begin recognizing common words quickly.

How Does Super Kids Font Work?

The font utilizes a unique design that uses basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles combined with bold colors that help draw attention to certain letters or words. For example, vowels are represented by bright blue circles while consonants are represented by green squares or orange triangles, depending on the sound they make. This allows kids to quickly identify which letter makes which sound without having them memorize long lists of words or phrases.

This font is free for personal use, Click here for a commercial license.

What is Super Kids?

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