Poppins Font Family

Poppins Font Family

About Poppins Font Family

Geometric sans serif typefaces have been a well-known style tool ever considering the fact that these actors took towards the world’s stage. Poppins are one of the newcomers to this long tradition. With help from the Devanagari and Latin writing systems, it is an internationalist take around the genre.

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Poppins Font Family
Poppins Font Family

When it comes to choosing the perfect font for your project, there are countless options available. However, the Poppins font family stands out from the crowd. This sans-serif font has become increasingly popular over the years, thanks to its modern and versatile design.

Poppins was designed by Indian-type designer, Ninad Kale. She started designing the font in 2014 as part of a branding project for a local dance company. The aim was to create a typeface that was modern and clean, yet unique enough to stand out from other sans-serif fonts. The font’s name, Poppins, is inspired by the famous English nanny from the 1960 Disney musical, Mary Poppins.

One of the standout features of Poppins is its versatility. It comes in 18 different weights, ranging from thin to extra bold, making it ideal for various design purposes. The font also has a large x-height, which means that the lowercase letters are taller, making it easier to read on small screens such as mobile devices.

The Poppins font family gained popularity when it was added to Google Fonts in 2016. It’s now one of the most downloaded fonts on the platform, with over 30 million downloads. Poppins’ success can be attributed to its ability to convey a modern, friendly, and approachable feel. It’s why you’ll find Poppins being used in a wide range of design projects, from branding to packaging to digital interfaces.

The font has also been used in various notable projects, including the rebranding of Lyft, the US-based ride-hailing company. Lyft chose Poppins for its modern and friendly feel, which embodies the brand values of community, trust, and accessibility. Poppins has also been used in the branding of the Indian government’s digital literacy project, Digital India, further cementing its place as a font that represents modern, inclusive, and forward-thinking values.

In 2018, Poppins received an update with the addition of Devanagari and Latin Extended scripts. This update allows the font to be used in a wider range of languages, making it more accessible to users across the globe. Today, Poppins remains one of the most loved fonts in the design community, with its unique features, flexibility, and history keeping it standing above other sans-serif fonts.

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