Dunkin Donuts Font

Dunkin Donuts Font

About Dunkin Donuts Font

Dunkin Donuts Font was designed by Casady & Greene, a two-person design studio based in San Francisco. The font comes in four weights Regular, Bold, Ultra, and Ultra Bold, which gives you a lot of versatility when using it for different projects. This font includes uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as accents, numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks. This makes it applicable to a wide range of design projects.

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Uppercase, Lowercase & Symbols Font

Dunkin Donuts Font
Dunkin Donuts Font
Dunkin Donuts Font
Dunkin Donuts Font

The current Dunkin Donuts Font is a modification of the original font used by the company. The original font was developed in 1950 by Alan Bartelling. Bartelling was inspired by an Art Deco sign he saw while walking around New York City. He created a font that mimicked the look of the sign and named it “Dunkin’ Donuts.”

The Dunkin Donuts Font went through a few changes in the early years, but the most significant change came in 2004 when the company updated its logo. As part of the logo update, Dunkin’ Donuts made some changes to the font, including widening the spacing between letters and making the letters themselves thicker. These changes helped make the font more legible and balanced.

In 2014, Dunkin’ Donuts made another change to its logo, but this time, there were no changes to the font. However, in 2018, Dunkin’ Donuts rolled out a new marketing campaign that featured a slightly modified version of the font. The changes were minor, but they helped give the font a more modern look.

Some of the ways you can use the Dunkin Donuts Font include:
• Creating headlines or titles
• Designing logos or branding materials
• Making website buttons or CTAs
• Setting body copy
• Crafting infographics
• Designing printed materials like business cards or flyers

This font is free for personal use, Click here for commercial use.

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