Platonica Font

Platonica Font

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About Platonica Font

Platonica Font was designed by Chequered Ink to provide designers with an elegant yet edgy font that is perfect for everything from logos to posters. It features a unique mix of sharp curves and subtle angles that give it a modern feel while still retaining enough personality to make it stand out in any design project. This groovy font also includes support for multiple languages, making it ideal for use in international settings.

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Uppercase, Lowercase & Symbols Font

Platonica Font
Platonica Font
Platonica Font

In addition to its visual appeal, Platonica Font is also incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of different projects. From business cards to website designs, this font can be used for virtually any purpose. And since it’s available in both True Type and Open Type formats, you can rest assured that it will look great on any device or platform.

Getting started with Platonica Font is easy! All you need to do is head over to the Chequered Ink website, where you can download the font in either True Type or Open Type format. Once you have downloaded the file, simply install it on your computer and start using it right away! You’ll be able to preview how it looks on different designs before committing, so you can ensure that your projects look exactly as you want them to before officially launching them into the world!

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