Figtree Font

Figtree Font

Figtree Font is a typeface that is characterized by a clean and modern typeface that is suitable for web and print design. It is simple yet elegant with good proportion and readability.

It is a good choice for both body copy and headlines and can be used to achieve a professional and sophisticated appearance. Figtree comes in several weights and styles, making it a preferable font for designers.

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Figtree Font
Figtree Font

History of Figtree Font

The history of the Figtree font began with the desire to create a readable and clean typeface. Figtree was designed in the early years of the 21st century and inspired by minimalist art and design movements.

The typeface has been designed in such a way as to merge beauty with simplicity. Figtree has gone through several reiterations in the past to improve the legibility of the features and visual appeal. Its use in different types of websites as well as in branding materials also confirms its relevance and popularity.

Applications of Figtree Font

Having considered these functions, the Figtree font can be used to improve diverse types of documents and designs in some ways.

Some of these applications include:

  • Branding: Figtree Font is exactly what its name states – it is a mix of contemporary and clean designs that can be used for business and corporate branding.
  • Web Design: It is, therefore, ideal for use on sites that are meant to have clear content for the readers’ sake.
  • Print Media: Figtree Font encompasses a solid readability of various texts in both an unreading size as well as a large one which means that the font is suitable when printing little copies and large ones simultaneously.
  • User Interfaces: In the design of contemporary software and applications for the web, the font plays an important role in ensuring the product is user-friendly and aesthetically appealing.
  • Advertising: Figtree Font looks slightly eccentric and therefore can be very helpful for catching people’s attention on headlines and advertisements.
  • Signage: As fitness and sports facility signs will often be read from a distance the clean lines of the font mean that the signs will be both attractive and easy to read.
  • Editorial Design: Magazines, newspapers and other editorial content particularly get great use of the font’s stylish look and superior legibility for an enjoyable period reading.

How to Use Figtree Font

Figtree is a highly flexible and multi-purpose typeface which can be applied for several design tasks from branding to publishing. Its simple and beautiful design makes great use in digital as well as print media.

Step 1: Font Download

It all starts with the download of the Figtree font to incorporate it into the project. The font is available for purchase in different marketplaces for fonts like MyFonts or Creative Market. After you have downloaded the font then you will have to unpack the font from the zip file.

Step 2: Install the Font

Secondly, you will need to download, install and activate the Figtree font. On a Windows machine then you simply right-click on the extracted font file and choose “Install”. In Mac, to install the font, all one needs to do is double-click on the font file view and click on ‘Install Font’ on the preview window.

Step 3: Select a license

It is important to read the license agreement to successfully decide on using Figtree font in any of your projects. The font can be licensed for personal and commercial use depending on the origin. If you are not quite sure about which license to choose, it is recommended to contact the font creator.

Step 4: Incorporate in Your Production

After you have installed the font you can select the license type and are ready to use Figtree in your project. This can be achieved by just using the font drop-down menu in any design application like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. It is possible to use the font on the web in case you add it to the CSS stylesheet.

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